Many of the following images (gleaned from the WWW and believed all to be freely usable for non commercial use) are used in this text. If any reader has better versions, the author would be pleased to hear of them.

Several of the images are from the excellent and extremely useful transparent GIF math symbol collection created by Karen M. Strom , which is documented at at the Amherst Campus of the University of Massachusetts, and is also available in compressed form from Karen has copyrighted her graphics as follows: "If you are an educational or non-profit organization, please feel free to use them in your documents. Commercial organizations should contact the author at the email address [email protected] before using them."

Some names have been converted to fit in with the 8+3 filename limitations of MS-DOS.

alpha.gif beta.gif beta2.gif gamma.gif delta.gif epsilon.gif
zeta.gif zeta2.gif eta.gif eta2.gif theta.gif iota.gif
kappa.gif lambda.gif µ µ nu.gif xi.gif xi2.gif
omicron.gif pi.gif rho.gif rho2.gif sigma.gif tau.gif
upsilon.gif phi.gif chi.gif psi.gif omega.gif
capgamma.gif capdelta.gif caplambd.gif cappi.gif capsigma.gif captheta.gif
capupsil.gif capxi.gif capphi.gif capchi.gif cappsi.gif capomega.gif
ltarrow.gif rtarrow.gif larrow.gif rarrow.gif uparrow.gif dnarrow.gif
implies.gif subset.gif element.gif notelemn.gif union.gif intrsect.gif
updnarr.gif forall.gif exists.gif and.gif or.gif not.gif
geq.gif leq.gif neq.gif sum.gif sqrt.gif

To get the alignment correct with text, consider the following, which are rendered differently by different browsers:

beta.gif   beta.gif (align=bottom)   beta2.gif   beta2.gif (align=middle)  
zeta.gif   zeta.gif (align=bottom)   zeta2.gif   zeta2.gif (align=middle)  
eta.gif   eta.gif (align=bottom)   eta2.gif   eta2.gif (align=middle)  
xi.gif   xi.gif (align=bottom)   xi2.gif   xi2.gif (align=middle)
rho.gif   rho.gif (align=bottom)   rho2.gif   rho2.gif (align=middle)