Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Hierarchical Clustering

Agglomerative clustering is used to build a hierarchical cluster. A complete hierarchical cluster is built on the click of the Execute button. You do not need to re-execute on changing the Number of Clusters. This simply needs to obtain the relevant information from the fully built hclust. But users will automatically go to re-execute after changing this (because this is how everything else in the interface works). An alternative is being considered to make it more obvious not to re-execute.

Once a cluster has been built, have a look at the dendrogram to visually get an idea of the ``natural'' number of clusters, and then set the number appropriately, then have a look at the stats and the plot.

The amap package includes standard hierarchical clustering with a choice of distances like Eulidean and Spearman, and a parallel implementation.

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