Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams


Reflection: The ability of a program to manipulate as data something representing the state of the program during its own execution. Reflection can be introspective or intercessory, or both. Introspection is the ability to observe and analyse one's own state; intercession is the ability to modify one's own execution state or to alter one's own meaning.

Reinforcement Learning: An approach to learning what to do so as to maximise a numerical reward by discovering the most rewarding actions by trying them out (trial-and-error), which itself may affect the immediate reward and subsequent rewards (delayed reward).

Residual: The residual is essentially what is left after you have accounted for in your modelling. It is the difference between the modelled and the actual.

$r^2$: A measure of the closeness of fit of a regression line.

RuleQuest: Ross Quinlan's commercial venture selling the decision tree and rule induction systems C5.0, See5, and Cubist. Refer to the Quest Home Page.

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