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Multiplication Method

A very simple variation on the middle-square method that alleviates its deficiencies is the so-called, multiplication hashing method  . Instead of multiplying the key x by itself, we multiply the key by a carefully chosen constant a, and then extract the middle k bits from the result. In this case, the hashing function is


What is a suitable choice for the constant a? If we want to avoid the problems that the middle-square method encounters with keys having a large number of leading or trailing zeroes, then we should choose an a that has neither leading nor trailing zeroes.

Furthermore, if we choose an a that is relatively primegif to W, then there exists another number a' such that tex2html_wrap_inline62374. In other words, a' is the inverse  of a modulo W, since the product of a and its inverse is one. Such a number has the nice property that if we take a key x, and multiply it by a to get ax, we can recover the original key by multiplying the product again by a', since axa'=aa'x=1x.

There are many possible constants which the desired properties. One possibility which is suited for 32-bit arithmetic (i.e., tex2html_wrap_inline62396) is tex2html_wrap_inline62398. The binary representation of a is


This number has neither many leading nor trailing zeroes. Also, this value of a and tex2html_wrap_inline62396 are relatively prime and the inverse of a modulo W is tex2html_wrap_inline62410.

The following code fragment illustrates the multiplication method of hashing:

unsigned int const k = 10; // M==1024
unsigned int const w = bitsizeof (unsigned int);
unsigned int const a = 2654435769U;

unsigned int h (unsigned int x)
    { return (x * a) >> (w - k); }
Note, this implementation assumes that tex2html_wrap_inline62412. I.e., the natural word size of the machine is 32 bits. The code is a simple modification of the middle-square version. Nevertheless, the running time remains O(1).

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