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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Add Printing to New Host

If you have CUPS set up already on a server, and you generally have the same environment on your desktop machines, when setting up a new host, simply install the packages listed above. Then copy over the appropriate configuration files:

  # cd /etc/cups
  # scp athens:/etc/cups/printers.conf . 
  # scp 'athens:/etc/cups/ppd/*' ppd
  # chmod o+r ppd/*.ppd

Always keep your configuration up to date on the server, perhaps using the web interface via http://athens:631/. (If you use instead the command line interface with the command lpadmin then you also need to copy lpoptions across.) A convenient way to keep the configurations consistent is with rdist (see Section 73.1.1 for an example).

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