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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Creating New Database

Create a new database called nhds (National Hospital Discharge Suvery). The sample data we use comes from http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/.

  $ mysql -u root -p mysql

  mysql> CREATE DATABASE nhds;

The data to populate a new table we will create is stored in the file nhds99.data as comma separated values. We can write a simple script to create the table and import the data. The script is called nhds99.sql:

USE nhds;

svy_year        int,
newborn         char(1),
age_unit        char(1),
age             int,
sex             char(1),
race            char(1),
m_status        char(1),
dis_month       int,
dis_status      char(1),
days_care       int,
los_flag        char(1),
geo_region      char(1),
no_beds         char(1),
hos_ownership   char(1),
ana_weight      int,
dc1             char(5),
dc2             char(5),
dc3             char(5),
dc4             char(5),
dc5             char(5),
dc6             char(5),
dc7             char(5),
pc1             char(4),
pc2             char(4),
pc3             char(4),
pc4             char(4),
p_src_payment   char(2),
s_src_payment   char(2),
drg             char(3));

     LOCAL INFILE 'nhds99.data' 
     INTO TABLE nhds99 

Then simply run it through mysql:

  $ mysql -u root -p nhds < nhds99.sql

You can remove the table from the database with:

  $ mysql -u root -p nhds
  mysql> DROP TABLE nhds99;

Using mysql-navigator you can not currently create new databases (except by running an external script) but you can create tables. You can also run SQL scripts. So create your database for nhds as above. Then start up the navigator and open root@localhost. Then under the MySQL menu choose Script. Identify the script and a log file then Fire. The new table should then appear under the nhds database.

With the navigator you can even edit the script files with the Edit item in the MySQL menu.

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