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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Dell Precision 650 (Caravan)

This is a server with dual processors, 4GB memory, SCSI disk with a PERC 320/DC Adaptec controller with 440GB of disk (4 110GB drives).

The base install was with the beta Debian Installer (12 Nov 2003), which was under development for the next stable release of Debian. The SCSI controller was not recognised (although Knoppix had no problem with it, loading the percraid module and identifying it as scsi2) but going to tty2 (C-A-F2) and doing a modprobe aacraid (there was no percraid module) then a detect hardware did the trick. A partition of 10GB was used for /, and 420GB for /dmrnet and 10GB (far too much) for swap.


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