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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Export to TeX PStricks

Export to TeX PStricks

TEX is a sophisticated document typesetting system. The PSTricks TEX packages provide considerable support for PostScript within TeX. This export filter generates a tex file for processing by TEX (although usually LATEX, an easier to use macro package written in TEX, is used). To include the diagram in your LATEX document you will need to import the pstricks package for LATEX and input the actual diagram (as saved in diagram.tex for example:


Depending on the version of LATEX and PStricks you are using, you may need to uncomment some macro definitions in the diagram file. If LATEX gives you the error something like:

! Undefined control sequence. 
<recently read> \setfont

You will need to remove the initial percent sign (LATEX's comment command) from the definitions in diagram.tex and it is best to rename the newcommand to providecommand in all three cases (to avoid problems when including more than a single diagram in the one LATEX document:


All should then work.

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