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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Filtering Viruses

Email virus filtering software is covered in Section 29.4.3, using clamav. The clamscan command can be used in evolution to find messages containing a virus. To use it in, create a shell script, perhaps in /usr/local/bin/clam-filter, making it executable, and containing just:

  clamscan --quiet --stdout --recursive --mbox -

Then in evolution create a new filter with Tools-->Filter and click on Add. Call the new filter something like `ClamScan'. Select `Pipe Message to Shell Command' as the first part of the criteria. Then fill in /usr/local/bin/clam-filter as the command to run. Set `Returns' and `1' for the other fields. For the action choose a folder into which the identified virus email should be placed (rather than deleting it, just in case clamscan gets it wrong). Click OK to close the filter and then OK to close the filter editor. You are now done!

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