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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams


GRAFCET charts have been standardised outside of France as Sequential Function Charts (IEC848). THey are often used to describe the mandated behaviour of sequential automates. They are in fact an offspring of Petri nets but oriented towards specification of actions

Image dia-sheet-grafcet

and mandated evolutions rather than simple descriptions of state and possible evolutions.

The supplied shapes of the GRAFCET sheet include a Regular Step, Initial Step, Macro Entry Step, Macro Exit Step, Macro Call Step, Macro Sub-Program Call Step. These are essentially variations of the same shape and one can be changed to another by editing the object properties. Next are an Action, Condition, Transition, OR Vergent, AND Vergent, and an Arc. The first nine shapes have object defaults for setting the font, font size and pen colour. The Arc can have arrow heads.

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