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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

The Help Menu

The Help menu provides access to three useful reference documents and the mandatory About... dialog. (Note that the reference documents are only available, currently, with the Gnome version of Glade.)

The Help-->Quick-Start Guide is a short document that reviews the main Glade interfaces and what happens when Glade generates source code.

Image glade-menu-help

The Help-->Manual is under development but provides details of all interfaces. The Help-->FAQ contains a collection of typical questions asked by new users of Glade.

Image glade-about
The Help-->About... menu item brings up the About dialog which identifies the version of Glade. This is useful if you need to report bugs or problems you are having. The copyright message identifies the owner of Glade. The author's name and email address then appear followed by a short description of the what Glade is and a ULink for its home page. The Glade About dialog is a good example of how to use the Gnome dialogs.

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