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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Inka Install Log

kb      qwerty/us
disks   partition         6GB   Linux N P 6063 B T 83 B hdc1
                        128MB   Swap  N P 125 T 82      hdc2  W Q
swap    /dev/hdc2       scan
linux   /dev/hdc1       scan
root    mount           /dev/hdc1
kernel  from /dev/fd0   Rescue Disk     Drivers Disk
devices misc            psaux
        net             ppp
network host = debian
        connected = no
base    from /dev/fd0   Base Disks 1-7
config  timezone        Australia ACT   GMT no
(skip the "Make Linux boot directly from hard disk")
Make boot floppy        Custom Boot

With the initial boot the extra internal bay hard disk drive had to be mentioned to the kernel with the following command line when the boot prompt is displayed (you have about 10 seconds to begin typing):

  boot: linux hdc=13424,15,63

(the numbers were eventually figured out one time when the drive was eventually auto-detected after a kernel upgrade).

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