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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

No mode page data received

Occasionally the following error is reported on Athens (104.7) when using cdrdao to write a CD:

  Starting write ERROR: No mode page data received
  ERROR: Cannot retrieve drive capabilities mode page. 
  at speed 0... 
  Pausing 10 seconds - hit CTRL-C to abort. 
  Process can be aborted with QUIT signal (usually CTRL-\). 
  ERROR: No mode page data received. 
  ERROR: Cannot retrieve write parameters mode page. 
  ERROR: Cannot setup write parameters for session-at-once mode. 
  ERROR: Please try to use the 'generic-mmc-raw' driver. 
  ERROR: Writing failed.

A simple solution is to remove the ide-cd module and try again:

  $ sudo rmmod ide-cd

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