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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Project Options

Image glade-project-options
Our first task is to start a project by editing the Project Options through the Options button of the main Glade window (or else through the File-->Project Options menu). By default the Project Directory listed is set to /home/guest/Projects/project1 (where guest is the current username--it will be your username in your case). In the figure on the right the user has edited this to replace the default project1 sub-directory with gwords--a more descriptive name for this application. Note that the Project Name, Program Name and Project File have automatically changed to reflect the change in the Project Directory. We will leave these defaults as they are since they represent good choices. See Section 38.4.4 for details.

The remaining options we won't change either. Again they are generally good choices. Note in particular though that we have the Enable Gnome Support option turned on. You can take a look at the other two option tabs, C Options and LibGlade Options, to get an idea of what else you can configure (see the Reference sections later for details). When satisfied simply click the OK button. The main Glade window's title will have changed to be `Gwords,' the name of our application, replacing the previous `$<$untitled$>$.'

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