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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Setting Up The Client

To set up the NIS client on Festival (104.18):

  festival$ wajig install netbase portmap nis

You will be asked the name of the nis domain. You must use the name you supplied to the master server (ktnet). It is stored in /etc/defaultdomain.

Specify the NIS server address in /etc/yp.conf:


Restart the client:

  $ wajig restart nis

You can test that the client can access the server with:

  $ ypcat passwd

This should list the users available from the server.

Now edit the passwd, shadow, group and gshadow files. In passwd remove all the users (anyone with a user id in the 1000's) and add:


And in shadow:


Then in groups and gshadow files, similarly remove the users and add:


NIS should now be working. Certainly ypcat passwd should show the users in NIS.

When adding a new user, add the user on the server (with adduser) and then you may need to rerun /usr/lib/yp/ypinit -m, or perhaps it is make -C /var/yp.

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