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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

System Wide Fetchmail

You can have fetchmail collect mail for a number of users and have it locally delivered to them, using the system wide fetchmail.

On Debian create /etc/fetchmailrc and add the appropriate lines, like:

  set postmaster "kayon"
  set bouncemail
  set no spambounce
  set properties ""
  set daemon 60

  poll mail.togaware.com with proto pop3
    user '[email protected]'  with pass 'XXXX' is 'kayon' here
    user '[email protected]' with pass 'YYYY' is 'tog'   here

Then start up the fetchmail daemon:

  $ wajig start fetchmail

The daemon only starts if it finds /etc/fetchmailrc and will then run as user fetchmail rather than as root.

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