Part II. Stylesheet options

Table of Contents

Chapter 5. Using stylesheet parameters
Parameters on the command line
Parameters in a file
Chapter 6. HTML output options
Single HTML file
Processing part of a document
Chunking into multiple HTML files
Chunk filenames
Chunked files output directory
Fast chunking
Table of contents chunking
Controlling what gets chunked
Output encoding for chunk HTML
Specifying the output DOCTYPE
Indenting HTML elements
Single file options with onechunk
Name the file using an id
Putting the file elsewhere
Specify the output encoding and DOCTYPE
Using CSS to style HTML
Styling section headings with CSS
Styling displays with CSS
Adding custom class attributes
Generating id attributes
Chapter and section numbering
Depth of section numbering
Docbook icon graphics
Admonition graphics
Navigational icons
Callout icons
Date and time
Chapter 7. Printed output options
Page layout
Paper size
Finished page size
Left and right margins
Top and bottom margins
Indenting body text
Double sided
Two column
Double spacing
Draft mode
Body and title font families
Font sizes
Using renderas to style section titles
Chapter and section numbering
Depth of section numbering
Numbering book parts
Page breaking
Keep-together processing instruction
Soft page breaks
Hard page breaks
PDF bookmarks
Extra blank lines
Cross reference page numbers
Docbook icon graphics
Admonition graphics
Callout icons
Printing one chapter