Quiz on JLabels and JTextFields

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1. From what immediate base class is JTextField derived?

a.    JText
b.    JField
c.    JTextComponent
d.    JComponent

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2. What goes in the blanks so that a text field of 20 characters is put into the frame?

  public TextExample()
    text = new JTextField( ____ ) ;
    getContentPane()._________( new FlowLayout() );
    getContentPane().add( ____ )

a.    text, setLayout, 20
b.    20, setLayout, text
c.    20, put, frame
d.    20, set, text

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3. What is the class of Swing labels?

a.    JLabel
b.    Label
c.    SLable
d.    label

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4. How does FlowLayout() put components into the content frame?

a.    Starts at the top, then left to right in each row.
b.    Starts at the bottom, then right to left in each row.
c.    Starts at the center, then spirals outward.
d.    Puts the first component in the center, then squeezes the rest in around it.

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5. When does a text field generate an action event?

a.    When the field has focus and the enter key is hit.
b.    For every character that is typed into the field.
c.    Whenever the frame has focus and the enter key is hit.
d.    When the text field looses focus.

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6. When the user is typing into a text field may corrections be made?

a.    No, each character is sent to the application program as soon as it is typed.
b.    No, hitting backspace or delete terminates input.
c.    Yes, up until the enter key is hit.
d.    Yes, but only by deleting the entire line and starting over.

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7. What method is used to read the text from a JTextField?

a.    readText()
b.    getText()
c.    getString()
d.    putText()

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8. Can the program put text into a JTextField?

a.    No, only the user can enter text.
b.    Yes, by using a JLabel
c.    Yes, by using setEditable()
d.    Yes, by using a putText()

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9. How can the user be prevented from entering text into a text field?

a.    By using setEditable( true )
b.    By using setEditable( false )
c.    By using setNotEditable()
d.    By using setVisible( false )

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10. What method changes the color of a content pane?

a.    setColor()
b.    setBackgroundColor()
c.    setBackground()
d.    setForegroundColor()

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