Appendix D. TCP options

This appendix is a simple and brief list of all the TCP options that are officially recognized. These references and numbers were all retreived from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority website. The master file can be found at this location. The full contact details of the people referenced in this document has been removed, so to create less workload for them hopefully.

Table D-1. TCP Options

0000EOOL - End of Options List[RFC791, JBP]
0011NOP - No Operation[RFC791, JBP]
102130SEC - Security[RFC1108]
103131LSR - Loose Source Route[RFC791, JBP]
02468TS - Time Stamp[RFC791, JBP]
105133E-SEC - Extended Security[RFC1108]
106134CIPSO - Commercial Security[???]
0077RR - Record Route[RFC791, JBP]
108136SID - Stream ID[RFC791, JBP]
109137SSR - Strict Source Route[RFC791, JBP]
001010ZSU - Experimental Measurement[ZSu]
001111MTUP - MTU Probe[RFC1191]*
001212MTUR - MTU Reply[RFC1191]*
1213205FINN - Experimental Flow Control[Finn]
1014142VISA - Experimental Access Control[Estrin]
001515ENCODE - ???[VerSteeg]
1016144IMITD - IMI Traffic Descriptor[Lee]
1017145EIP - Extended Internet Protocol[RFC1385]
021882TR - Traceroute[RFC1393]
1019147ADDEXT - Address Extension[Ullmann IPv7]
1020148RTRALT - Router Alert[RFC2113]
1021149SDB - Selective Directed Broadcast[Graff]
1022150NSAPA - NSAP Addresses[Carpenter]
1023151DPS - Dynamic Packet State[Malis]
1024152UMP - Upstream Multicast Pkt.[Farinacci]