What's next?

This chapter has discussed some different commercial firewalling products based on iptables, netfilter and linux. This list is much, much longer than what you have seen in this chapter. However, for me to try them out, I must have something to test to begin with. If you know of a product that you think I should have in this section, why not either give me access to it for a couple of days, or call the producer and see if they wouldn't like to send me a sample/demo copy?

Well, this was the last chapter. What's left is just the different appendices. Some of them contains some rather interesting information that didn't quite fit into any specific chapter, and others are just generic tables, and so forth. If you have any further interest in the area, there is tons and tons of material to read, and why not join the mailinglists available at the netfilter website? Or why not start developing for iptables and netfilter? I hope you have enjoyed reading this document and that you have been able to set some of it to the real world test.