Preliminary Syllabus (the order and some topics may change)

1. Introduction.  Basic definitions. The 5000 years of history of cryptography.
Substitutions and transpositions. (Simple substitution, Rotating grille, Vigenere, PlayFair, Grandpre, etc..).

2. Methods of cryptanalysis of simple ciphers.

3.The rise and the fall of the Enigma cipher.

4. Shannon's theory and Feistel's ideas: Lucifer & DES.

5. Birthday paradox. Hellman's tradeoff attack on any one way function. Properties of random functions. Luby-Rackoff construction and attacks on it.

6. Slide attacks on simple iterative and auto-key constructions.
7. Differential cryptanalysis.  (+extensions)

8. Linear cryptanalysis.  (+extensions)

9. Meet-(miss) in the middle attacks. Analysis of double and triple encryptions.

10. Five AES ciphers. Brief descriptions and comparisons. Design ideas.

11. Stream ciphers.

12. Attacks on hash functions.