Chapter 15. Tools

The Tactics of Development

Table of Contents

A Developer-Friendly Operating System
Choosing an Editor
Useful Things to Know about vi
Useful Things to Know about Emacs
The Antireligious Choice: Using Both
Special-Purpose Code Generators
yacc and lex
Case Study: Glade
make: Automating Your Recipes
Basic Theory of make
make in Non-C/C++ Development
Utility Productions
Generating Makefiles
Version-Control Systems
Why Version Control?
Version Control by Hand
Automated Version Control
Unix Tools for Version Control
Runtime Debugging
Combining Tools with Emacs
Emacs and make
Emacs and Runtime Debugging
Emacs and Version Control
Emacs and Profiling
Like an IDE, Only Better

Unix is user-friendly — it's just choosy about who its friends are.