Chapter 1. About this book

Table of Contents
1.1. Availability
1.2. Conventions

1.1. Availability

This book was written in DocBook/XML, and converted to HTML and PDF with Jade. The latest version of the book is always available from:

1.2. Conventions

This section gives a short summary of the conventions in this book.

1.2.1. File names

File or directory names are printed as: /path/to/file. For example: /etc/fstab

1.2.2. Commands

Commands are printed as bold text. For example: ls -l

1.2.3. Screen output

Screen output is printed like this:

Hello world!

If commands are being entered in the screen output the commands will be printed as bold text:

$ command

If a command is executed as root, the shell will be displayed as "#". If a command is executed as a normal non-privileged user, the shell will be displayed as "$".

1.2.4. Notes

Some sections contain extra notes. It is not necessary to know the information in notes, but notes may provide valuable information, or pointers to information. Notes are printed like this:


This is a note.