Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques


This is a rough draft of my class notes on computer animation. In it's final form, it is envisioned that it will provide an overall organization to material on computer animation and then link to appropriate material provided by a variety of computer animators and researchers.

This is meant to be a distributed document that is maintained and added to by various people at various locations. It's not clear to me, yet, whether "publishing" a document this way is a good idea or not, but it seems to be an interesting idea.

Currently, the top level is still being written and formatted. I am looking for contributors, if anyone knows of relevant information that could be linked to. This includes images, animations, text, etc. Duplicate explanations for techniques already appearing in this work are reasonable if they give additional insight to the technique. Any comments, corrections, or additions to the top-level document are also welcome.

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Rick Parent ([email protected])
last updated 8/13/96