Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C#
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Accept Method

Program gif defines the Accept method for the StackAsArray class. As discussed in Chapter gif, the purpose of the Accept method of a container is to accept a visitor and to cause it to visit one-by-one all of the contained objects.

Program: StackAsArray class Accept method.

The body of the Accept method is simply a loop which calls the Visit method for each object in the stack. The running time of the Accept method depends on the running time of the Visit method. Let tex2html_wrap_inline60475 be the running time of the Visit method. In addition to the time for the method call, each iteration of the loop incurs a constant overhead. Consequently, the total running time for Accept is tex2html_wrap_inline60477, where n is the number of objects in the container. And if tex2html_wrap_inline60481, the total running time is to O(n).

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