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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Gnome File Entry

Gnome File Entry

Now we add the widget for entering the filename. The one we will use is the one provided by the Gnome palette.

Image glade-palette-gnome-file

We could use the text entry field of the GTK+ Basic palette and add a Browse button ourselves, but the Gnome palette Gnome File Entry widget does it all for us, and more. Click on this widget in the palette then click in the top right cell of your canvas. The browse button might look a bit strange (stretched out) but don't worry, it will sort itself out!

Image glade-gword-filename
You can save the work you've done so far by clicking on the Save button of the main Glade window (not the Save button of the window you're working on though!). Then, for fun, open the project again--load /home/guest/Projects/gwords/gwords.glade. Then, on the main Glade window double click the app1 widget. You may like to change the Border Width property of fileentry1 to be 10 (using the Properties window after selecting the file entry widget in the canvas). This makes it appear less cluttered.

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