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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

The Widget Tree

Image glade-gword-widget-tree
All widgets in an interface are organised into a tree viewable directly through the View-->Show Widget Tree menu of the main window. When a widget on your canvas is selected the right mouse button menu allows you to view the path up the tree from this selected widget to the root widget. The path from the filename label (label1) above consists of hbox1, vbox1, dock1, and finally app1. Each of these have submenus from which you can choose to perform actions on those widgets. For example, if you delete vbox1 then that widget and all of it's children will be deleted from the canvas--so be careful!

We can see the Widget Tree window expanded above. Thus, app1 contains dock1 which is made up of three sub-components: dockitem1 contains the menu bar; dockitem2 contains the toolbar; and vbox1 is the Vertical Box that we added above. The Widget Tree window provides an alternative mechanism for selecting widgets.

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