Part III. Customizing DocBook XSL

Table of Contents

Chapter 8. Customization methods
Customization layer
Writing a customization layer
Using a customization layer
Customizing both HTML and FO
Using catalogs with customizations
Setting parameters
Attribute sets
Completing placeholder templates
Generating new templates
Generated text
Default generated text
Customizing generated text
Replacing templates
Finding the right template
Import precedence
Passing parameters
Processing instructions
Chapter 9. General customizations
Custom section numbering
Label punctuation
Tables of contents (TOC)
Which components have a TOC
Levels in book and chapter TOCs
Customized TOC levels
Turning on section TOCs
Keeping selected titles out of the toc
Customizing TOC presentation
Figure, table, and other titles
Formal title placement
Person names
Chapter 10. Title page customization
Create a titlepage spec file
HTML titlepage specs
Special titlepages
Generate custom XSL templates
Add to customization layer
Modify individual element templates
Chapter 11. HTML customizations
HTML headers and footers
Adding extra lines
Navigational labels or graphics
Brief headers and footers
Replace headers and footers
Server-side includes
Inserting external HTML code
In the page header
In the HEAD element
In the page content
HTML HEAD elements
Adding CSS style rules
Embedding CSS styles
Adding a date timestamp
Removing the HEAD element
BODY attributes
HTML frameset
Chunking customization
Separate legalnotice
Filename of the legalnotice chunk
More than one legalnotice
Chapter 12. Print customizations
Document level properties
Title fonts and sizes
Book titles
Chapter titles
Other component titles
Section titles
Figure, table, and other titles
Print title pages
Title page attribute-sets
Title page spec file
Title page element templates
Custom title page layout
Template sequence for book title pages
Custom page design
Default page masters
Declaring custom page masters
Using custom page masters
Print TOC control
Page margins
TOC title
Styling print TOC entries
TOC page numbering
Editable table of contents
Running headers and footers
Default headers and footers
Changing the header or footer text
Running section titles
Graphic in header or footer
Multi-line header or footer
Changing header or footer styles
Allocating widths in the headers and footers
Allocating height for headers and footers
Page numbering style
Borders and background shading
Customizing inline text
Subscripts and superscripts
Customizing admonitions
Side floats
A sidebar as side float
Margin notes
Custom margin notes
Custom side float
Adding a font
Locate the font file
Configuring a font in FOP
Configuring a font in XEP
Adding a new font to FO output