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Queen Victoria, it is said, so enjoyed Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that she asked for a copy of the author's next work. Carroll obliged with the Syllabus of Plane Algebraical Geometry.
Her Majesty was not amused.

In that same spirit, I dedicate this effort to the memory of my mother.


0.  Introduction: CIFS from Eight Miles High
0.1.  First Impressions
0.2.  What is CIFS?
0.3.  The CIFS Community
0.4.  Audience
0.5.  Scope
0.6.  Acknowledgements and Thanks
0.7.  About the Author
0.8.  About the Cover Art
0.9.  Foreword
0.10.  License
1.  NBT: NetBIOS over TCP/IP
1.1.  A Short Bio of NetBIOS
1.2.  Speaking NetBIOS
1.3.  The Basics of NBT Implementation
1.4.  The Name Service in Detail
1.5.  The Datagram Service in Detail
1.6.  The Session Service in Detail
1.7.  Where it All Went Wrong
2.  SMB: The Server Message Block Protocol
2.1.  A Little Background on SMB
2.2.  An Introductory Tour of SMB
2.3.  First Contact: Reaching the Server
2.4.  SMB in its Natural Habitat
2.5.  The SMB Header in Detail
2.6.  Protocol Negotiation
2.7.  Session Setup
2.8.  Authentication
2.9.  Building Your SMB Vocabulary
2.10.  The Remaining Oddities
2.11.  That Just About Wraps Things Up for SMB
3.  The Browse Service
3.1.  A Beautiful Day in the Network Neighborhood
3.2.  Meet the Neighbors
3.3.  Infrastructure: The Mailslot and Named Pipe Abstractions
3.4.  The Talk on the Street
3.5.  The Better Browser Bureau
3.6.  Samba Browse Service Enhancements
3.7.  It Can't Happen Here
4.  Appendices
A. Making a Good Cup of Tea
B. Relevant RFCs, Drafts, and Other Specifications
C. Known NetBIOS Suffix Values
5.  Glossary
6.  References
7.  Index
8.  Back Cover
9.  Annotations
10.  Errata

jCIFS Version 1.2.24 Released
jCIFS is an SMB/CIFS implementation in Java.

The current production release of Samba is version 3.2.4.


Fine Print

This is an Internet Book describing the CIFS protocol suite. It has taken almost four years to put the whole thing together. My thanks to the many people who have answered questions and provided input. Writing this book in the open has been a fascinating--and enjoyable--experience.

Copyright © 1999-2003 by Christopher R. Hertel. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License, v1.0 or later. (The latest version of the Open Publication License is available at

The quotations in the left-hand margin of the web pages are not under my copyright, and so are not under the OPL.

The book has been published in paper form by Prentice-Hall PTR.

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