Appendix D. Long Examples

$Revision: 1.1 $

$Date: 2002/08/23 14:31:13 $

This appendix contains the source for several scripts that seemed too long to place in the running text. These scripts are provided as examples only, they may not run on your system without some modification.

These examples are available online, see the Preface for more information about retrieving online examples.

The \program{} script builds PK files from MetaFont and PostScript fonts.

Example D.1.

The \program{} script builds TFM files from \MF\ and PostScript (\ext{AFM} file) fonts.

Example D.2.

The \program{dvidxx.btm} script is written in \program{4DOS}'s extended batch language. It performs automatic font generation for \MF\ and PostScript fonts using \emTeX's drivers (version 1.4s).

Example D.3. dvidxx.btm

The \program{makepk.btm} script is used by \program{dvidxx.btm}, shown in Example~\ref{ex:dvidxx} in this appendix.

Example D.4. makepk.btm

The \program{} script changes the encoding vector in an \ext{AFM} file.

Example D.5.

The \program{TeXtoXfont} script is a \Unix\ shell script (written in \program{bash}) which builds an X11 font from a \MF\ or PostScript font.

Example D.6. TeXtoXfont

The \program{PStoXfont} script is used by \program{TeXtoXfont}, shown in Example~\ref{ex:textoxfont} in this appendix.

Example D.7. PStoXfont

The \program{} script translates arbitrary text lines into a format suitable for including in \verb|\verbatim| material in \TeX.

Example D.8.