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$Date: 2002/08/23 14:31:13 $

I wrote Making TeX Work in 1994. It has not been updated and is unquestionably out-of-date. In fact, the TeX sources are still in LaTeX 2.09.

It is provided here for the benefit of those readers who would like to read it (it has been out of print for several years) or its TeX sources.

I have no plans to update it.


The conversion from TeX to XML is not complete. There are lots of TeXisms left in the XML version. And tables that haven't been converted. And figures that haven't been converted. And probably lots of other stuff. I do plan, over time, to fix those errors so that the XML sources are a reasonable reflection of the published book.


My thanks to Tim O'Reilly for agreeing to republish this book under the GNU Free Documentation License.