Final Projects
(under construction)

Here we place several  final projects.

Method: Boomerang  attack (ps.gz file) , (C++ code) by Roman Dovgard

This project studies a novel chosen plaintext attack  - "boomerang attack" which is closely related to differential cryptanalysis method. It  allows to analyze ciphers which have  good differentials for half of the cipher but may have no good differentials for the full cipher.  Boomerang attacks on Khufu (16 rounds) and COCONUT98 are implemented. Small technical gaps  in the original paper were discovered and closed.

"Good" S-box generation (ps file)  , (C  code) by Jason Friedman

This (25% grade) project was aimed to generate 4x6 S-boxes that satsify design criteria of DES and S3DES.

Analysis of the RC4 stream cipher (ps file)  by Itsik Mantin

This project  summarizes results of the most recent attacks on RC4 and
shows some new ideas of analysis for this cipher.

Method: Impossible differentials (html) (C++ code) by Leonid Karlinsky

This project studies a novel chosen plaintext attack method which uses "impossible differentials" on an example of a reduced 32-bit IDEA cipher.

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