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The exam deadline is over. Fot hose who did not pass the exam: if you can solve problem 3 (ADFGX) you
are welcome to mail me . It is a 4-5 step deduction. If you can see it, you have a good potential for cryptanalysis.

What is next ?
You may send the exam submission before the deadline. If you have completed the exam, next step is to finish the
homework 2 assignment.

In order to participate in this course you will have to pass an entrance exam. Correct solution for
the first three problems of Homework 2  (1, 2a, 2b, 3) is a condition for you acceptance to this course.
The deadline is 13.04.2000, 24:00 IST (about a week from now). Only full submissions will be considered.
Send your submissions by e-mail to this address. The format of your submission can be plain ASCII or
LATEX. Provide the correct solution and no more than one-page of explanations for each problem.
[in problem 2 you need an ID, so pick sets with number 0]

Pencil & paper solution of the exam is highly recommended.

Together with your submission please provide the following information:
   Name (or Nick):  Tamerlan
   Institution:           Golden Horde
   Your Background in Crypto: "Introduction to Cryptology" course by Zhengis Khan
   Your Random ID:        179843        (pick any 6 random digits)

It is up to you what information to provide about yourself, but note that it will appear in your
course graduation digital certificate. Changing of this personal info during the course will be
not allowed, so choose it carefully.


Note:  Those who will pass the entrance exam will be notified my e-mail.   Submission is in singles so far, so identical
or "similar" submissions will annihilate each other, and cancel you out of this course (possibly without  notification).


The course will try to follow syllabus given here.  We are currently at topic 4 (we will probably not have enough time
for topics 11,12 or we will touch them only briefly). Grades will be given based on 4-5 more homeworks (50%) and a
final project (50%). The best project will be cryptanalysis of an interesting cipher (design of a new cipher will not be
among the possible projects.). See the course overview.


I have no idea how many people will want to participate in this course,  so please do not expect replies to every mail
from me. Most probably I will be able to reply only to those, who will pass the exam. Watch this site closely, this may
be the only form of feedback that I may be able to supply.

"What I will get from this?"

Nothing but knowledge.

Last modified 05.04.2000