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GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

CD Labels

The package cdlabelgen provides a useful tool to quickly put together covers for CD:

  $ cdlabelgen -c "Debian GNU/Linux" -s "Version 2.2r2 (potato) netinst" \
               -D -e openlogo-nd.eps -S 0.8 -f contents.list | gv -

The main title is Debian GNU/Linux with subtitle Version 2.2r2 (potato) netinst. No date will be written, but the front cover will include the image from the file openlogo-nd.eps, scaled by 0.8. The back cover will contain the text from contents.list. Once it looks okay in Ghostview (gv) replace the gv - with lpr.

If you find the bottom of the page is being chopped by your printer, move the page up a bit with the -y option:

  $ cdlabelgen -c "Testing" -D -M -y 1 | lpr

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