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20.1.2 Managing Module Loader Errors

The error handling is a very simplistic wrapper for the libltdl error functions, with the addition of a few extra errors specific to this module loader code(46). Here are the error messages from `module.c':

static char multi_init_error[]
            = "module loader initialised more than once";
static char no_builtin_table_error[]
            = "module has no builtin or syntax table";
static char builtin_unload_error[]
            = "builtin table failed to unload";
static char syntax_unload_error[]
            = "syntax table failed to unload";
static char module_not_found_error[]
            = "no such module";
static char module_not_unloaded_error[]
            = "module not unloaded";

static const char *last_error = NULL;

const char *
module_error (void)
  return last_error;

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