From The MPEG-4 Structured Audio Book by John Lazzaro and John Wawrzynek.

Appendix B: Core Opcode Sorted By Function


delay delay1 fracdelay


decimate downsamp sblock

Envelope Generation

aexpon aline kexpon kline


chorus flange reverb

FIR and IIR Filters

biquad fir firt iir iirt

Fourier Processing

fft ifft

Loudness and Gain

ampdb balance compressor dbamp gain rms

Math Functions

abs acos asin atan ceil cos exp floor frac int log log10 max min pow sgn sin sqrt

Parametric Filters

bandpass bandstop hipass lopass

Random Numbers and Sequences

aexprand agaussrand alinrand apoissonrand arand iexprand igaussrand ilinrand irand kexprand kgaussrand klinrand kpoissonrand krand

Regenerative Filters

allpass comb

Subtractive Synthesis


Table Playback

doscil grain koscil loscil oscil pluck

Table Manipulation and Access

ftbasecps ftlen ftloop ftloopend ftsetsr ftsetbase ftsetloop ftsetend ftsr speedt tableread tablewrite


gettempo settempo

Time Bases for Synthesis

aphasor kphasor

Tuning and Pitch

cpsmidi cpsoct cpspch gettune midicps midioct midipch octcps octmidi octpch pchcps pchmidi pchoct port settune


samphold upsamp

Appendix C: Wavetable Generators

Copyright 1999 John Lazzaro and John Wawrzynek.