Action Arcade Adventure Set
Diana Gruber


I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this project: Keith Weiskamp for his guidance, Jeff Duntemann for his encouragement, Patrick Vincent for his composure, Eric Lund for his humor, Phil Kunz for his perserverence, and Dave Taylor for not sugar coating it. Also, thanks to Brad Grannis and Rob Mauhar for the layouts and Jenni Aloi for copy editing. Special thanks for Eric Lund and Steve Blackwood for beta testing the software, and to Phil Kunz for testing it again. Another thanks to Eric Lund for contributing the palette fade program, and thanks to Dave Taylor for optimizing the sprite minimization function.

Thanks to Les Pardew of Cygnus Multimedia for the background artwork, and thanks to Alfred Woo and Mike Wall of Dub Media for the title screen and the Hedge Row background. Thanks to Chad Max for designing all the Fastgraph artwork, and thanks to Steve Brown for the cover art. Thanks to Shannon Bounds for organizing the contest. Thanks to Dan Linton for running such a cool BBS. Thanks to Ted for writing Fastgraph. Thanks to Karen Crowther for being there.

Thanks to the members of the CompuServe gamers forum for their knowledge and encouragement. Thanks to all the authors who wrote the wonderful games which are featured in this book -- you guys are the greatest! Thanks to all my customers and friends without whose support I could not have finished this project. Did I forget anybody? Oh yes... Thank you for buying this book.


This book is dedicated to all the aspiring game programmers -- without whom there would be no new games!

About the Author

Diana Gruber is the senior programmer at Ted Gruber Software, creators of Fastgraph. She has been writing computer games since 1987. Her articles on game programming and marketing appear frequently in PC TECHNIQUES and Game Developer Magazine.


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