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Old Tests & Test Study Guides

If you've been talking with any of my past students, then you've probably heard that my tests are only slightly less painful than a root canal. I have only one thing to say... they're all lies! But in case they're not, I've tried to offer you some resources to help out. This page contains both study guides and old tests for all three of the root cana... I mean tests that you will be taking in this class.

These resources should be available about a week before the test. Remember, reviews for the test will be held in class and will be directed entirely by your questions. Therefore, you should look over the study guides before you come to the last class period before the test so you can bring up the topics you are most confused about.

Note that some of the old tests have answer keys. Some were done in HTML, and all of them were typically created late at night, so they may have errors. Be sure to check my results.

The study guides are in HTML format and the old tests are in PDF format. If you do not have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Viewer for the PDF files, download the free copy from their website.

Test Study Guide Old Tests
Test 1 Spring 2007 Study Guide
Test 2 Spring 2007 Study Guide
Test 3 Fall 2006 Study Guide

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