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J character
meaning in field or method descriptor, 101
Java programming language
concepts, (chapter), 5
Java virtual machine
assembly language, format, 364
compiling for, (chapter), 363
life cycle, 46, 158
startup, 46, 158
structure of (chapter), 61
unrecoverable runtime exceptions associated with, 44
Java virtual machine stack
definition, 67
JIT (just-in-time) code generation
Java virtual machine implementation issues, 92, 363
jsr instruction
compilation examples, compiling finally, 392, 393
static, 134
structural, 139
definition, 304
returnAddress type used by, 66
try-finally clause implementation use, Sun's Java compiler output characteristics, 149
jsr_w instruction
static, 134
structural, 134
definition, 305
returnAddress type used by, 66
jump table
by index and jump, tableswitch, 358
by key match and jump, lookupswitch, 323
alignment concerns, 121
jump to subroutine instructions
constraints, static, 134
jsr, 304
wide index, jsr_w, 305
See Java virtual machine

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The JavaTM Virtual Machine Specification
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