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end_pc item
(Code_attribute structure), 120
See also locks; monitor
monitor for object, monitorenter, 335
as Throwable class direct subclass, 43
thrown by
getstatic, 251
invokestatic, 290
new, 342
putstatic, 351
as unrecoverable runtime exception class, 44
See also exceptions
handling, exceptions use for, 40
heap-related, OutOfMemoryError, 69
Java virtual machine stack-related
OutOfMemoryError, 68
StackOverflowError, 68
loading, 48
method area-related, OutOfMemoryError, 69
native method stack-related
OutOfMemoryError, 71
StackOverflowError, 71
preparation, 49
throwing, athrow, 186
verification, 49
as Throwable class direct subclass, 43
exception_index_table array
(Exceptions_attribute structure), 124
exception_table array
(Code_attribute structure), 120
exception_table_length item
(Code_attribute structure), 120
See also catch clause(s); errors; try-catch-finally statement; try-finally statement
abrupt completion, 74
asynchronous, reasons for and handling of, 43
causes of, 40
definition, 39
dispatching, frame use for, 71
(Exceptions_attribute structure), support required for, 116
handling, 41
by Java virtual machine, 78
code verification, Pass 3 - bytecode verifier, 143
instruction summary, 90
structural constraints on instructions, 138
normal completion, characterized by lack of, 74
requirements for throwing, 123
standard unchecked runtime, list of unrecoverable, 45
throwing, athrow, 186
Exceptions_attribute structure
(method_info structure), 123
order, thread rules, 399
paths, structural constraints on instructions, 137
program, life cycle, 46
See also Java virtual machine; locks; monitor
exit method, Java virtual machine exit activated by, 57
Java virtual machine, conditions for, 57
monitor for object, monitorexit, 337
local variable index by additional bytes, wide, 360

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The JavaTM Virtual Machine Specification
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