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S character
meaning in field or method descriptor, 101
saload instruction
definition, 354
sastore instruction
definition, 355
See also access_flags item
verification of class files, 140
definition, 44
attributes, optional, 116
integer and floating-point operator support, 85
invokespecial instruction, access flag use to select alternatives, 96
Java virtual machine, strategies for implementing, 92
types that have no direct integer arithmetic support, 84
See overriding
left int, ishl, 297
left long, lshl, 328
right int
arithmetic, ishr, 298
logical, iushr, 302
right long
arithmetic, lshr, 329
logical, lushr, 333
short type
converting int to, i2s, 259
definition, 62
instruction set handling, 81
integer arithmetic not directly supported, 84
loading from arrays, saload, 354
pushing, sipush, 356
storing into arrays, sastore, 355
value range, 63
definition, 32
sipush instruction
definition, 356
operand stacks, 73
Sun's JDK and Java 2 SDK
heap, setting with -ms and -mx flags, 69
Java virtual machine stack, setting with -oss flag, 68
method area, constraints, 69
native method stacks, setting with -ss flag, 71
class name use, 99
SourceFile_attribute structure
(attributes table of ClassFile structure), 128
sourcefile_index item
(SourceFile_attribute structure), 129
definition, 45
as Java virtual machine stack-related error, 68
as native method stack-related error, 71
OutOfMemoryError, 71
StackOverflowError, 68, 71
Java, 67
Java virtual machine
frames allocated from, 71
size, setting with -oss flag, Sun's JDK and Java 2 SDK, 68
native method, 70
size, setting with -oss flag, Sun's JDK and Java 2 SDK, 68
code verification, Pass 3 - bytecode verifier, 143
data-flow analysis, 142
duplicating value(s), dup2, 221
duplicating value(s), dup2_x1, 222
duplicating value(s), dup2_x2, 223
duplicating value, dup, 218
duplicating value, dup_x1, 219
duplicating value, dup_x2, 220
management instruction summary, 88
maximum depth, 121
merging, during data-flow analysis, 145
pop value(s), pop2, 347
pop value, pop, 346
size limitation, 152
structural constraints on instructions, 137
swap values, swap, 357
IEEE 754, 7
adding double, conformance, dadd, 198
adding float, conformance, fadd, 228
comparing double, conformance, dcmp<op>, 202
comparing float, conformance, fcmp<op>, 232
dividing double, conformance, ddiv, 205
dividing float, conformance, fdiv, 235
floating-point comparison, conformance, 85, 89
floating-point double format bit layout, high_bytes and low_bytes items, 109
floating-point operation conformance to, 85
multiplying double, conformance, dmul, 209
multiplying float, conformance, fmul, 239
remainder, drem not the same as, drem, 212
remainder, frem not the same as, frem, 242
subtracting double, conformance, dsub, 217
subtracting float, conformance, fsub, 247
UTF-8 format, bibliographic reference, 111
start_pc item
(exception_table array of Code_attribute structure), 122
(line_number_table array of LineNumberTable_attribute structure), 130
(local_variable_table array of LocalVariableTable_attribute structure), 132
Java virtual machine, 46, 158
static modifier
See also ACC_STATIC modifier; class(es)
get from classes, getstatic, 250
put into classes, putstatic, 350
initializers, 33
execution of during initialization, 51
not members of a class, 29
invoking, invokestatic, 288
automatic management system, garbage collection as, 68
data, frame use for, 71
frame allocation, 71
runtime data areas
heap, 68
Java virtual machine stack, 67
method area, 69
native method stacks, 70
pc register, 67
runtime constant pool, 70
into arrays of type
byte or boolean, bastore, 189
char, castore, 192
double, dastore, 201
float, fastore, 231
int, iastore, 263
long, lastore, 310
reference, aastore, 176
short, sastore, 355
into local variables of type
double, dstore, 215
double, dstore_<n>, 216
float, fstore, 245
float, fstore_<n>, 246
int, istore, 299
int, istore_<n>, 300
long, lstore, 330
long, lstore_<n>, 331
reference, astore, 184
reference, astore_<n>, 185
strictfp modifier
See also ACC_STRICT flag, FP-strict floating-point mode
class, 28
in method declarations, 33
String class
definition, 12
string_index item
(CONSTANT_String_info structure), 106
See also String class, CONSTANT_Utf8_info structure
conversion context, 16
definition, 6
String new instances creation triggered by, 54
class file structures, 93
definition, 29
definition, 25
jump to
jsr, 304
wide index, jsr_w, 305
return from, ret, 352
double, dsub, 217
float, fsub, 247
int, isub, 301
long, lsub, 332
super_class item
(ClassFile structure), 97
super method
definition, 34
See also ACC_SUPER flag
checking for, 141
definition, 29
super method as constructor invocation, 34
super modifier
accessing, overridden methods with, 32
definition, 36
swap instruction
definition, 357
operand stack values, swap, 357
swap instruction, operand stack manipulation constraints, 73
threads example, 406
symbolic references
deriving from class or interface representation, 156
resolving, 165
See names
See also ACC_SYNCHRONIZED flag; threads
compilation examples, 394
exception handling integration with, 40
locks, 412
synchronized method
double value return from, dreturn, 214
float value return from, freturn, 244
int value return from, ireturn, 296
long value return from, lreturn, 327
reference value return from, areturn, 182
void value return from, return, 353
synchronized modifier
in method declarations, 33
multithreaded actions, 59
operations, 412
specification, 412
thread-memory interaction, ordering rules, 60
class file specification, 94
field and method descriptor grammar, 99
internal form of class and interface names, 99
Synthetic_attribute structure
(attributes table of field_info or method_info structure), 127

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