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garbage collection
algorithm, not specified by Java virtual machine specification, 61
as implementation of automatic storage management system, 68
method area relationship to, 69
getfield instruction
compilation examples
operand stack operations, 386
working with class instances, 380
static, 135
structural, 138
definition, 248
getstatic instruction
constraints, static, 135
definition, 250
goto instruction
compilation examples
compiling finally, 393
constants and local variables in a for loop, 365, 367, 369
while loop, 372, 373
constraints, static, 134
definition, 252, 253
goto_w instruction
constraints, static, 134
definition, 253
gradual underflow
add double, dadd, 198
add float, fadd, 228
definition, 11
double conformance, ddiv, 205
float conformance, fdiv, 235
double conformance, dmul, 209
float conformance, fmul, 239
double conformance, dsub, 217
float conformance, fsub, 247
descriptor specification, 99

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The JavaTM Virtual Machine Specification
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