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V character
meaning in method descriptor, 102
value set conversion
definition, 77
concrete, mapping symbolic references to, as part of resolution, 165
default, 14
floating-point, 7
primitive, 7
return, frame use for, 72
See also constants; literals
array type, 38
definition, 13
double nonatomic treatment of, memory operations on, 402
initial values of, 14
interaction with locks, rules about, 403
kinds of, 13
accessing, structural constraints on instructions, 137
code verification, Pass 3 - bytecode verifier, 144
definition, 14
exception handling impact on, 79
extend index by additional bytes, wide, 360
frames used to hold, 71
instruction specialized to handle, advantages of, 366
instructions for accessing more, summary, 84
load and store instructions, summary, 82
loading double from, dload, 207
loading double from, dload_<n>, 208
loading float from, fload, 237
loading float from, fload_<n>, 238
loading int from, iload, 274
loading int from, iload_<n>, 275
loading long from, lload, 319
loading long from, lload_<n>, 320
loading reference from, aload, 179
loading reference from, aload_<n>, 180
maximum number, 121
number limitation, 152
reuse, advantages of, 366
states, merging, during data-flow analysis, 145
storing double into, dstore, 215
storing double into, dstore_<n>, 216
storing float into, fstore, 245
storing float into, fstore_<n>, 246
storing int into, istore, 299
storing int into, istore_<n>, 300
storing long into, lstore, 330
storing long into, lstore_<n>, 331
storing reference into, astore, 184
storing reference into, astore_<n>, 185
long nonatomic treatment of, memory operations on, 402
of a class, fields defined as, 29
of an instance, 30
multithreaded actions, 59
state among, 12
thread use constraints, 400
transient, 30
volatile rules about, 404
class files, 140
compiler and language independence, 141
procedures, 141
definition, 49
VerifyError, meaning of, 50
VerifyError, thrown during class or interface verification, 165
overview, 47
as part of linking, 164
definition, 50
thrown during class or interface linking, 165
binary compatibility issues, 140
major, major_version item (ClassFile structure) representation of, 94
minor, minor_version item (ClassFile structure) representation of, 94, 95
definition, 45
reasons for throwing instances of, 172
field descriptor specification, 102
returning from method invocation, return, 353
volatile modifier
See also ACC_VOLATILE flag
variables, rules about, 404

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The JavaTM Virtual Machine Specification
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